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Dave Algoso

Dave Algoso

Director of Programs, Reboot

Dave Algoso is the Director of Programs at Reboot, a social enterprise working to deliver inclusive governance and services worldwide. He is charged with bringing complex, multi-stakeholder governance and development initiatives into reality.

An accomplished international development practitioner, Dave has helped reform public expenditures in Nigeria, led youth and peacebuilding programs in Kenya, conducted community mapping in Kosovo, and studied public service delivery in Cairo. He’s also worked in political advocacy and strategy consulting in the United States. Dave writes regularly on international aid and development for his popular blog Find What Works.

Dave holds a Masters in Public Administration from New York University, and a Bachelors in Physics and Philosophy from the University of Virginia.

Disrupting Corruption: An Ethnographic Approach to Better Public Service Delivery

The mismanagement of public funds by institutions of governance is too often diagnosed simply as “corruption”. As a result, the economic models and technocratic measures policymakers deploy to tackle “corruption” and deliver better public services too often fail as well.

The exchange of value for individual or group benefit is fundamental to the human experience. Understanding that experience and how it is impacted by institutional cultures is critical to addressing the human behaviors that facilitate the mismanagement of public funds.

In this talk, Dave Algoso of Reboot will discuss how her firm blends ethnography, development economics, design, and public policy to better understand and address the root causes of why public institutions fall short of their promises to the people they serve.