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Meredith DeZutter

Senior Service Designer, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation

Meredith DeZutter is a Senior Service Designer at the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation. Her work focuses on co-creating new health care services, products, and experiences by introducing design thinking and service design methodologies across the clinic to help create shared understandings and build consensus between different stakeholders.

In addition to her work at Mayo Clinic, Meredith has over 16 years of global consulting experience in facilitating innovation and co-creation teams as well as identifying and developing design solutions for both products and services. Meredith has led design research and strategy efforts for innovative hospitals, health care service providers, and medical product developers.

Navigating Through Complexity: Assessing Impact through Experimentation

Complex systems, such as health care, are large, interconnected structures that often fluctuate between organized and chaotic. They are comprised of intersecting people with different behaviors and motivations, multiple activities and environments, as well as cultural boundaries and constraints. This inherent complexity makes it necessary for us to have an actionable service vision that sets a foundation for change and methodologies that allow us to experiment with new ideas while measuring their impact.

In this talk we will explore the role and benefits of active experimentation and highlight impact analysis in our design process and why it is effective for the practice of service design.