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Tim Ogilvie

CEO & Chief Inspiration Officer, Peer Insight

Tim Ogilvie is CEO & Chief Inspiration Officer of innovation strategy consultancy Peer Insight. He is an expert in service innovation, business model development, and design thinking and has achieved success in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings.

Tim has led Peer Insight consulting engagements for sixteen Fortune 200 firms and six global governments. He is co-author of Designing for Growth: A Design Thinking Tool Kit for Managers (Columbia Business School Press, 2011) with Jeanne Liedtka and is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, where he teaches human-centered design.

I’ll Meet You at the Business Model: Applying Design Methods to Business Strategy

In many organizations, design and business co-exist as distinct silos. For too many new concepts, once the visionary phases of ideation and prototyping are done, the project is handed off to a business strategy team to grind out the details of execution. However, a whole world of possibilities opens up when designers—and their way of thinking—become an integral part of the business strategy and execution process.

This interactive discussion will show designers how the methods they already know by heart—visualization, prototyping, co-creation, and iteration—are essential to forming novel business models and executing new concepts in the market. With a bit of new vocabulary, designers can meet their business-trained colleagues as equals in the shared task of entrepreneurship. No MBA required.